Climate Policy

This campaign is affiliated with scientists who have worked with the Obama administration working with the EPA. These scientists have patented technology that syphons CO2 out of the air. Scientists tell us that we need to stop 30-40% of the CO2 entering the atmosphere to stymie man-made climate change.

This technology stops 70-80% of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere, anything from cars to fossil fuel plants. The biggest concern of the Green New Deal is that it transitions our economy too quickly off of fossil fuels; whether or not this is a legitimate concern, adding a legislative provision that requires the fossil fuel industry or to the automotive industry to have this technology on this plant to the Green New Deal immediately alleviates this concern allowing this economic transition to be more seamless.

Allowing the new Green technology industries to enter the economy creating a significant amount of job growth in the job market in conjunction with the fossil fuel industry.