Education Reform :

Public college :

Our current college system enters students into the workforce, effectively, as an indentured servant; that is, with tens of thousands of debt – sometimes hundreds of thousands if you’re going into the medical field. Not only is this situation economically unstable for those seeking to enter into or be a part of the middle class but it is adverse to the social development of first world nations. This campaign believes it is morally reprehensible for a nation to condition education (a human necessity) upon unaffordable means. Jon will fight to instill education as a human right, including a college education.


Teachers : 

  • This campaign is going to fight for $70,000 in annual teachers salaries

  • 20 child cap on classroom sizes

  • Tax right-offs for all school supplies. 

Schools :

  • Invest in school safety

  • Instantiate a healthy school psychologist/counselor to student ratio 

  • Increase school funding levels

  • Incentivize and support unionization in schools

  • End the Federal Charter School program (end Arizona’s corrupt voucher system)

  • Ending the school to prison pipeline

  • Universal (free) school meals for children

  • Universal pre-k and childcare for all

  • Introduce a significant federal budget for education (instead of burdening communities for funding their local schools, our nation as a whole should invest a portion of the funding going to public education)

  • Decriminalize school truancy

  • Invest in green technology for America’s schools

“Arizona teachers are 50th in the nation when it comes to teachers pay. Arizona’s public school system is 47th in the nation. This needs to end. The implementation of these policies will put an end to the poor condition our public schools are in.”