End the Wars

U.S. foreign policy post world war 2 has been destructive, immoral, and expensive. It is arguable that every war or intervention the U.S. has been involved in since that time has been unnecessary. America has spent almost $6 trillion in the middle east since 2001 – and what has been accomplished: chaos, destabilization, social deterioration and extreme economic waste. It would have been more useful to burn the money we’ve spent on war in the middle east; terrorism is more of a problem today than when we started the Afghanistan war.

The drone wars have a 90% civilian death rate and some estimates have concluded that 1,000,000 innocent civilians died in the Iraq war. The U.S. spends more on the military than the next 10 most powerful countries COMBINED (including Russia, China, Great Britain, and France). We spend almost $800,000,000 every single year on the military and war; with these results, is this where we want our tax dollars going?

There are more humane and productive ways to spend one of the largest parts of our public economy. We need to bring this money back to the homeland for education, healthcare, and the expansion of social security – not waste it destroying countries and diplomacy across the globe.