Health Care :

The Jon Ireland Campaign supports a Medicare for all health insurance system (or single payer) for a few different reasons):

It’s more efficient – everybody is covered, everybody has health insurance, Medicare for all also includes eye, ear, and dental care. These facts are especially important considering 30 million American’s don’t have access to basic health insurance. 30,000 – 40,000 people die every year because they don’t have access to basic health care. This societal failure our current health insurance industry has wrought would no longer be a reality. 

It’s cheaper – We spend twice as much as any other developed nation on health insurance per capita. Over the course of a ten year Medicare for all would save the U.S. tax payers 2 trillion dollars, by the most coservative measure. The average family pays of four pays $12,000 in health insurance annually. On top of this fact, when a family like this goes to the doctor, insurance companies often make them pay a co-pay. These costs (co-pays, premiums, deductibles) are all eliminated. Don’t let anyone tell you that we can’t pay for Medicare For All – it’s much cheaper than our current system! This plan saves the average family of four $12,000 annually. Yes, it is true, just as medicare is funded through the payroll tax so in order to pay for everyone but don’t let this scare you: what does it matter if your taxes but what does it matter if you’re net saving money eg half of what you’re paying now.

Good for seniors – The insurance pool is larger because all the money put into the private sector is put into the private sector which increases funding – . Medicare For All also adds hearing, ear, and dental coverage which eliminates these private out of pocket costs for seniors that they have to pay now. 

Good for businesses – Medicare For All takes all costs off of the back of businesses having to provide health care plans to their employees. Not only is this good for the economy to have this weight lifted off of small and big business but this is expands employable opportunities: no longer will individuals be tied down to their workplace simply because of their health insurance plan.

Good for workers and families – Saves a family of 4 $12,000 a year on average in health care costs. 

Good for Veterans – Medicare solves all the problems that the VA could not pick up or manage. Because everyone would have coverage under this system, hence veterans would not have to endure the long waiting periods issued by the VA; the actual visitation side of this problem is also eliminated due to the fact that there are no medical networks established (i.e. youcan go wherever you want for your actual health care).

Its good for the economy – Upon saving families thousands of dollars every year, medicare for all would also solve the major problem of medical bankruptcy in America. Half a million people go bankrupt in this country because of medical expenses, that number would be reduced to 0 under a Medicare for all health care system.