Other politicians have a price tag, I do not. My campaign will never be funded by corporate, PAC or lobbyist money in order to insure that I will only fight for the best interest of the American people when I am sworn in on Capitol Hill. 
Join me in this fight to take back our government, our economy, and our democracy by changing the systemic corruption in America that has caused our country unnecessary problems like homelessness, hunger and food insecurity, reoccurring recessions and depressions, and endless destructive war. 
Jon Ireland for 2020 Congress Arizona District 5

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  • Money out of politics – Corporate and PAC money circulating inside our political system has ruined our democracy. Our legislation, politicians, and elections have been bought. I want overturn the provisions passed by the supreme court that have caused this catastrophic mess! I’m not taking corporate or PAC money to fund my campaign and I never will. 
  •  End Homelessness – There are half a million people homeless in the United States of America. I have a plan to end this atrocity by reintroducing these individuals back into the middle class economy.
  • Climate change/ Environment – Our planet and our economy needs a Green New Deal. Please read further to see my legislative action and addition to the Green New Deal. 

About Jon Ireland

Jon Ireland for 2020 Congress Arizona District 5

I’m a musician, a poet, and an educator running for Congress in Arizona’s 5th district to change the fundamental problems that are rigging our economic system against us from the top down. 

It isn’t an accident that we have 3rd world problems in the richest nation in existence; our politicians, legislation, and our economy is being bought off and sold to special interest groups, corporate enterprises, and even foreign governments at the expense of our socio-economic security. Other politicians have a price tag, I do not.

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